Pause I'm Too Posh for This Shit!

Whoa, Hold on Pause! I'm too Posh for this shit, Pooh Put Peasant Bitch. So, I'm just living my life in the fast lane driving a Lexus... College graduate expressing myself on here and various of other websites. Kind of Anti-Social but I have a lot to say. OxyMoronic! funny how that works? But anyways I'm a night owl, so I'll just keep driving in the fast lane in my Lexus on my way to Taco Bell for a Cantina Bowl and a Fruitista. Love Hello Kitty. Tatted Hello Kitty On me so you know its real. Eye of Horus chillin on my wrist giving me the protection i need and Nautical star on the back so I never forget how to get home. I'm finding my way around this complicated ass world.. I'm living life in the fast lane in a Lexus on my way to jamba juice for a Strawberries Wild or Carribean Passion.

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